US Juicing Coconut – Organic (Water & Jelley)
US Juicing Coconut – Organic (Water & Jelley)
US Juicing Coconut – Organic (Water & Jelley)
US Juicing Coconut – Organic (Water & Jelley)

US Juicing Coconut – Organic (Water & Jelley)

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US Juicing Coconuts are ideal for juicing companies, juicing shops, bars and restaurants and for consumers who love the soft sweet flesh along with the coconut water. Need a machete or Coconut opening machine to open the coconut. Grown in USA with USDA-certified organic agroforestry regenerative methods to enhance biodiversity and store carbon. Whole coconuts are harvested at peak freshness, so there is no oxidation and the water has the most electrolytes, nutrients, and taste!

Best Option

  • Tender coconuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals & electrolytes. 

  • Coconut water is 95% water and very little fat, this makes tender coconut water an ideal addition to a healthy diet.

  • Tender Coconut water contains antioxidants that help in eliminating free radicals within the body.

  • Drinking fluids is the easiest way to prevent kidney stones & consuming coconut water daily can nourish you and lower the risk of kidney stones.

  • Tender coconut helps you detoxify your body by getting rid of toxins present in your blood.

Why Fresh?

  • Good Yield

  • 8-10 oz (approx.) of Organic Coconut water

  • 8-10 oz (approx.) of Organic Coconut meat

  • Compare and Score
  • The cost of a processed bottle with similar quantity of pasteurized, packaged organic coconut water, harvested and packed months earlier is the same as the fresh juicing coconut alone which has water and also meat. 
  • Cost of similarly packaged coconut chunks harvested from Asian countries also costs more per oz in comparison to fresh meat. 
  • Green Malayan for the Win
  • The malayan coconuts retain the outer green colour and freshness for a long time and have large quantities of water making them an excellent option for the saleability.

Supplement Facts of Coconut Meat

Serving Size: One Teaspoon (5 mL)
Serving Per Container: 50
Manganese 45 60%
Selenium4.5 g 15%
Copper700 mg 44%
Phosphorus440 mg13%
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Why Choose Our Products?

From field to finished product, we prioritize quality at every step. Learn more about Rivolta quality natural products and what makes us different.
  • Harvested at Peak Freshness less than 7 months old

  • Farm to store in 2 weeks or less

  • Temperature maintained at 55°F for freshness

  • Temperature maintained at 55°F for freshness

  • Easily opened by anyone, young or old using simple tools.

  • Great addition to fresh juices and smoothies

  • Can be sold as is or made into various drinks and popsicles

  • Green and Orange Malayan Coconuts, Big sized and Delicious


Certified Organic & USA Grown

Our regenerative coconut canopy food forests produce the best coconuts that have the most refreshing, nutritious coconut water, grown organically by local farmers in Southwest Florida, US. 

Fresh Water vs Packaged Water

Packaged coconut water loses the nutrition and taste due to the oxidation during the packaging procedure. It loses the good bacteria, nutrients, and electrolytes by pasteurization and many brands have added sugar, additives and artificial flavors. They create tons of plastic waste, hugely contributing to the landfills and ocean contamination. Bottles, cans and tetrpaks( even the BPA free ones) are also not cost effective and leach chemicals and endocrine disruptors into the water. All natural USDA certified local grown fresh coconuts are the winning choice overall that benefit our local farmers!

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