US Coconuts are grown locally in Florida, with the best sustainable practices.

US Water Coconuts for the refreshing natural hydration, slightly mature;

US Juicing Coconuts which have water and nutritious jelly for drinking, smoothies, and more;

US Brown Coconuts that are fully mature yet fresh used for the sweet meat, can be a snack or in smoothies and for use in various recipes that call for dried coconuts

US Water Coconut – Organic

The best-tasting certified organic water coconuts grown in the US! We grow our coconuts in regenerative sustainable coconut food forests in the tropical regions of the US, for the real thirst-quenching, revitalizing, refreshing, coconut water. No toxic plastic leaching from the bottles, cans, and the tetrapak liners, no creation of plastic waste from packaging, minimal carbon footprint compared to the imported water, and zero processing, unlike the packaged and processed versions. Our Coconuts with the natural healing elixir is loved by all

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Easy to Open - As US Water Coconuts are Freshly Harvested

US Juicing Coconut - Organic

US Juicing Coconuts have young coconut meat along with sweeter water. US Juicing Coconuts are grown in the USA, locally, using USDA-certified organic agroforestry regenerative methods to enhance biodiversity and store carbon. Whole coconuts are harvested at peak freshness, so there is no oxidation and the Coconut water has the most electrolytes, nutrients, and taste!

Requires a special table top tool to open - ready by summer'24

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10% of Revenue -To develop Coconut Food Forests

- Bio Diversity

- Carbon Sequestering

- Regenerative soil

- Windbreaks

- Additional income

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