US Water Coconut – Organic
US Water Coconut – Organic
US Water Coconut – Organic
US Water Coconut – Organic

US Water Coconut – Organic

$99.00 USD
The best tasting certified organic water coconuts grown in USA! We grow our coconuts in regenerative sustainable coconut food forests in the tropical regions of the US mainland for the real thirst quenching, refreshing and vitalizing coconut water. 100% pesticide, fertilizer free organic coconuts offer the optimal nutrition with all the micronutrients, electrolytes and enzymes intact. No toxic plastic leaching from the bottles, cans and the tetrapak liners, no creation of plastic waste from packaging, minimal carbon footprint compared to the imported water, and zero processing unlike the packaged and processed versions. Our coconuts with the natural healing elixir will be loved by all the new generation sustainable natural food lovers and the health conscious consumers!

Better Than Thai Coconuts!

US Water Coconuts:  

  •  Have better taste and flavor

  •  Easier to open than Thai Coconuts
  •  Double the quantity of Water
  •  US Grown
  •  Sustainable, regenerative, Organic
  •  Not oxidized or chemically treated
  •  Price not much different while getting double the water as well as all the other benefits
  • Stays fresh in an insulated steel bottle to carry around in the day


Better Than Packaged Coconut Water!

US Water Coconuts are: 

  • Have better taste and flavor

  •   US Grown, not from Southeast Asia 
  •   Retain complete nutrition and enzymes 
  •   No oxidation in whole coconuts unlike bottled 
  •   Does not lose the good bacteria, nutrients, and electrolytes by pasteurization
  •   No addition of artificial flavors, sugars and additives
  •   No leaching of chemicals like in rPET, PET, Tetrapaks and Cans
  •   Wins in price comparison, in water quantity, benefits and is planet friendly

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    7 days week
  • 100% Payment Secure

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    major credit cards

Why Choose Our Coconuts?

From harvesting atop the coconut tree to pickup or delivery at your store, we prioritize quality at every step. Learn more about why US coconuts are the best and what makes us different!
  • Harvested at Peak Freshness less than 7 months old

  • Farm to home in 1 week or less

  • USDA ORGANIC Certified grown iocally in US

  • Easily opened by anyone, young or old using simple tools.

  • Great addition to fresh juices and smoothies

  • Can be used as is or made into various drinks and popsicles

  • Green and Orange Malayan Coconuts, Big sized and delicious


Certified Organic & USA Grown

Our regenerative coconut canopy food forests produce the best coconuts that have the most refreshing, nutritious coconut water, grown organically by local farmers in Southwest Florida, US. 

Fresh Coconuts vs Packaged

Packaged coconut water loses the nutrition and taste due to the oxidation during the packaging procedure. It loses the good bacteria, nutrients, and electrolytes by pasteurization. Many brands add sugar, additives and artificial flavors. They create tons of plastic waste, hugely contributing to the landfills and ocean contamination. Bottles, cans and tetrpaks( even the BPA free ones) are also not cost effective and leach chemicals and endocrine disruptors into the water. All natural USDA certified local grown fresh coconuts are the winning choice overall that benefit our local farmers!

What Our Customers Are Saying

" I have grown up drinking coconut water, and have always missed them after coming to US. Drinking processed coconut water from plastic bottles never even came close to the real taste and flavor. Finally now I am able to  enjoy the fresh coconut water again thanks to you guys! All coconuts were very tender, easy to open and tasted so so good and boy they are so big!! I am so happy to find you" - Lakshmi R

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